tierraWe often forget the importance of knowing how to live on our Planet. The phenomena that it provides us with are free daily shows of Nature.

Let’s get closer to nature through sport as a way of going back to our roots, feeling alive: Accessing places with spectacular sunsets, going into a ravine, walking in wild areas, discovering new plants, observing the light reflecting on the vegetation, listening to the sounds of nature.

Sports activities in the mountains allow us to move in a previously inaccessible area and discover real natural treasures. Moving away from our conventional way of getting in touch with the Earth is also a very attractive way of getting to know it thoroughly: Its rhythms, values, secrets.

Current social confusion in which we find ourselves immersed makes us look for personal space necessary for recreation, leisure and escape however, we need real space: rocks, stones, the sun, air…away from screens, passwords and the virtual world.

Away from it all, above all we need to touch the ground.

Joaquín Gázquez Navarro

Guía de Montaña y Barrancos | Profesor de Esquí

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