We are a novel group of enterprising spirit, professionals in the field of media and who in the course of our lives we have been dedicated to the practice of various sporting disciplines.

In the Canary Islands, the Sports Tourism represents a growing market with huge potential and in recent years has become stronger, therefore, we find it convenient to create a Middle Specializing in SPORTS TOURISM, since our group of islands not has a digital medium to present all information of multiple sporting events that tourists and residents can make in the Canary Islands.

Places where they can camp, plan your stay, buying equipment for developing their activities; and other complementary treatments such as information centers, security, and emergency care, aspects will be part of our content.

Our goal is to give new meaning to information Sports Tourism in the Canaries.


Under the premise that tourism habits are changing worldwide, there are fewer travelers prefer only sun and beach destinations, now looking elements of fun and adrenaline, hence our idea.

Our website take them to tour the Archipelago and enjoy four of its majestic adventure elements, water, earth, air and fire. We have a large group of professionals in the areas of Health, Ecology, Tourism, Sports and ACTV. Physics, Accessibility, among others, who are providing expertise in our sections.

As Amphibios, our adaptation to new ecosystems, is only possible if we are well informed, therefore, will put our best effort in the selection and development of those issues which contribute to this purpose.


Be the best digital alternative for the supply of services in sports tourism.
A benchmark of inquiry to the resident and traveler.
Projecting our Archipelago as a unique tourist destination.
Respect for the environment.
Commitment to our readers.
We can not forget our Canaria people, is one section for those Great Amphibios, athletes who have achieved success by their steadfastness and perseverance.

Finally, we encourage you to be part of this #ComunidadAmphibia

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