Patriarca del Teide

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Near the Minas de San José there is an ancient cedar, the last of his kind, majestic, tortuous, twisted by time, a born survivor of the harsh weather conditions that are exposed (2300 meters-altitude, sunlight, amplitude temperature, moisture stress); is nicknamed the “Patriarch of Teide”.

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Protected by law for decades by the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife, Cracked Mountain cedar is a clear example of the “chaos theory” small initial changes can mean big differences in future behavior …
The Teide National Park was full of cedars, many decades ago was grazing and the Ravens (omnivores) feeding on carrion and reddish fruits at the end of each summer the cedars produced, disappeared grazing disappeared carrion crows and died; the fruits of the cedars after passage through the digestive tract and due to the action of gastric acids originated ready to germinate seeds. This process is broken with the arrival of new times and new customs. It is currently believed that cedar thanks to a non-endemic migratory bird nicknamed recovers: ring ouzel, which has a confused, lost and wonder scientific community. That is curious and wise nature, it is clear that it is she who decides and not us.
Deviating from the topic, the same council that wants to protect at all costs the Patriarch of Teide, who introduced decades ago to Muflón for hunting (hunting), a species of goat outside Tenerife is seriously endangering the endemic flora of the park the same Cabildo protected, as it feeds on retamares, codesares, silver thistle, Teide violet and a long list of other endemic plant species. Now he wants to eradicate closing occasionally sectors National Park hunters to exterminate.
Every time the man wants to protect nature trying to control it, improve it, all it does is damage it. The only really vital task is to be protected from the only animal in harmful for her truth: human beings. “Man is a wolf to man” a sad reality that we have lived for millennia.
Man and nature evolve and be in communion, is lawful grazing completed or will be reduced by other forms of production, provided economic alternatives are created for this primary livestock sector and at the same time respecting the ecosystem, perhaps the cedars should disappear as did the dinosaurs, but what if we have to do is close trails with excuses that are dangerous, convert ravines in business, building lifts, introducing spices outside the environment; forbid walking spaces that once were not aware of regulations and laws, and that no laws were clean and well maintained, does not lead to anything; return to business as usual: invest in awareness, civics, education, and here it, invest in security personnel and creating laws to punish those who really dirty and damaging a heritage that belongs to all of us.
Carlos Antolin.
Mountain Guide

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