Not having adequate food our health is affected by a lack of essential nutrients for the proper functioning of our body. Then we started to see the important relationship between health and food. Remember, it is not the same eating to nourish, eating is what we do every day, nourish we practice only a few



Calcium is essential for growth and new bone formation and to maintain the strength and bone density.
Help in the treatment and prevention of osteopenia and osteoporosis (brittle bones that break easily).
It is often used for controlling high levels of magnesium, phosphorus and potassium in the blood.
There is good evidence that calcium can help control high blood pressure.
Helps improve the symptoms of PMS.
It could intervene in the prevention of certain cancers. Calcium and vitamin D may help prevent breast cancer in premenopausal women.
Calcium has also been included in weight loss programs.

Helps reduce levels of bad LDL cholesterol.
It helps regulate blood pressure.
It protects us from cardiovascular disease.
Your presence is indispensable in the synthesis of collagen.
It helps keep muscles and tendons in good condition.
It has been found that organic silicon element of the physiological blood and tissue is critical in the assimilation of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and in the synthesis of vitamin D.

It is essential for transporting oxygen through the blood to the tissues.
It is next to Chrome transporter protein element.
Part of the structure of enzymes, catalase and peroxidase, which protects us against free radicals.
It is necessary for the metabolism of B vitamins
Energy metabolism: Involved in the transport of energy in all cells by enzymes called
DNA synthesis: Iron is involved in DNA synthesis as part of an enzyme, ribonucleotide reductase.
Nervous System: Iron plays an important role in central nervous system and involved in regulating the biochemical mechanisms.
Detoxification and metabolism of drugs and environmental pollutants: P450 is a family of enzymes that contain iron in its composition and which is involved in the degradation of endogenous substances (steroids, bile salts) as well as in the detoxification of exogenous substances is ie the release of substances that are not produced by our body.
Immune system: The myeloperoxidase is present in neutrophils part of blood cells responsible for defending the organism.

Contributes metabolic processes
Help Using folic acid and pantothenic
Provides greater elasticity and strength to hair
Promotes skin hydration. Evita seborrheic diseases
Strengthens nail cuticles
Relieves muscle aches, eczema and dermatitis
Fights depression and insomnia
Hydrolyzed Collagen:

1. Collagen hydrolyzate is a natural product, with a very high percentage of completely safe oral absorption (approximately 98%) and with a long history of clinical use, having no adverse side effects.

2. As Assistant or preventive impact in rheumatoid osteoarthritis, sports injuries or accidents.

3. delays or prevents the progressive degeneration of cartilage tissue.

4. Decreases pain and analgesic consumption.

To thin out or disappear cartilage, bones causing severe pain and deformation as well as the loss of synovial fluid, deprived of its lubricating and protective capacity rub, being the collagen which will provide the structure helping your feedback, giving it strength, power and endurance; in addition to slow and even stop the degenerative process.

5. Assist in osteoporosis.

Consumption of collagen appears to increase bone density, especially in conditions of deficiency of calcium and protein; associating high protein consumption with increased bone mineral mass.

6. It strengthens and promotes the growth of cartilage.

Amino acids provided by the collagen synthesized new collagen to help regenerate cartilage and give it strength, voltage and resistance.

7. Help in the repair and regeneration of ligaments, tendons, joints and bones.

8. Strengthens and moisturizes the skin.

Reinforces collagen tissues capacity to retain water, causing the cells are properly hydrated and the skin smooth and elastic displayed.

9. Softens fine lines and wrinkles.

Collagen provides essential amino acids that can recover its complex structure and lattice fibrous helping to maintain and repair strength.

10. Strengthens hair, reduces the loss of it, increases the volume, provides shine, vigor and healthiness.

11. hardens and strengthens nails causing a harmonious growth and unaltered.

12. Powerful antioxidant action.

13. Increases energy and reduces recovery time after physical activity.

Exerts a highly beneficial effect on the body as it is precursor amino acids essential to ensure proper energy metabolism in muscle cells.

14. Strengthens and enhances the immune system. All body systems require a balanced diet that includes protein (collagen), vitamins and minerals that strengthen and maintain harmony.

15. Helps prevent constipation and gastritis.

Due to its colloidal action hydrolyzed collagen helps colon disorders, gastritis, excess acidity and constipation.

16. Highly recommended in slimming diets because it provides a satisfying effect in addition to its composition is 94% protein, 0% fat, 0% cholesterol and 0% carbohydrates.

17. Prevents cardiovascular disease.

Restoring elasticity to the valves of the blood and lymphatic vessels are broken by preventing hardening of the same, and contributing to a smaller increase in blood pressure.

18. Strengthens teeth and gums.

19. Improve the functioning of the lymphatic system favoring greater elimination of toxins.

20. Helps reduce cellulite and stretch marks fade. A suitable structure of collagen in the skin is not to surface allows the fat to the surface of the skin, thus avoiding the appearance of orange peel is formed.


Cardiovascular diseases
Delay premature aging
Degenerative diseases
Strengthen the immune system
And as we have said, this is a brief sampling of the nutrients that we lack if we do not change our inadequate eating behavior.

Israel L. Febles

Sport Manager of VidaconV group

Founder of VeSportPro

Nutritionist, Fitness Coach and Expert in Natural supplementation

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