Masca Parque Rural de Teno TENERIFE


The village of Masca in the municipality of Buenavista del Norte, the city where the office of Teno Rural Park (under the Cabildo de Tenerife) is located. Masca Barranco is one of the most visited sites of Tenerife, the second behind the Teide).
Lately many news published about whether the influx of visitors should be regulated by environmental deterioration which is being subjected, and thus limit the optimal loading of visits to prevent excessive trampling as well as, long ago, regulates the stretch of Telesforo Bravo in Teide National Park.
1-11-660x400Some of the questions are considering are:
BY ACCESSING Do You Collect?
Imagine if there is a fee involve creating services and jobs such as guides, signs, cleaning, penalties, etc., something I personally see with good eyes in order to retain and eradicate uncivil actions of a few. In Lanzarote, Timanfaya National Park is regulated to the millimeter and it seems perfect ultraconservative measures the Park is a shame to appreciate through the windows of a bus but otherwise its full conservation and sustainability is guaranteed. I could give many more examples of regularization and control: in La Palma with the National Park Caldera, in Fuerteventura with a visit to the summit of Esmeralda, in the iron with a visit to Julan, etc … The result is the following : what regulates and monitors is preserved, so no, deteriorates and becomes soiled by ignorance and incivility reigning few who know and respect themselves.
Collecting and their collection should be allocated 100% to the self-financing and protection of the place, and in my view, should urgently do.
The statistics speak of an estimated 400 visitors per day average. I really think we have to protect and regulate access to the ravine to the detriment of all businesses that revolve around Masca, businesses that should not be affected if both parties (government and business) reconcile their personal interests.
To say that the Teno Rural Park is much more than the ravine of Masca, the network of trails Teno is extensive, scenic trails that offer alternatives sincerely equally impressive. How it has come to this obsession and alternative single called ravine Masca ?, I honestly think we should expand and enhance these alternatives and thus also to economic life to other towns and villages of Teno, Slimming volume passing through the Masca ravine.

Carlos Antolin
Mountain Guide.

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