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sin barreraThere are no limits to enjoying the landscapes that exist in the archipelago of the Canaries. Our National Parks have an extensive network of trekking paths, the islands orography and the actual natural environment makes this type of activity inaccessible to an important segment of tourists and residents, nevertheless today penetrating nature is possible thanks to the use of Joëlette.

The Joëlette is a mono-wheel wheelchair designed for trekking along any type of path even the most difficult.  It was designed by the mountain guide Joël Claude at the end of the 80s. Joël Claude is the founder of Handi Cap Evasión, the association which aims to allow people with disabilities to share in outside excursion activities with their families and friends.

For the correct functioning of the wheelchair you need a team of three people, two of which are its pilots, a third one as a relief pilot and the fourth is the passenger.

As regards the design of the Joëlette, it has one Wheel only, a seat, safety features (brakes, suspension valves, safety belt) two arms at the fronts to go backwards and forwards and supports up to 120Kg., this allows anyone with reduced mobility child or adult to use it.

Thanks to this wheelchair, there are no excuses for not enjoying nature, the places to visit are many, all that changes is the plan.

There are companies in the Canaries that provide this type of service and if a family member wishes to go alone they will also find courses that will provide the knowledge and tools necessary to enjoy this type of adventure

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