Ewaste A Canarian business and world leader in the recycling industry

Revista Nro 1 Septiembre Octubre

ecoThe variety of tonalities of the Canarian flora started to suffer during the last decade as a consequence of the new generation of refuse, the so-called electronic waste.

Nevertheless, today in the ravines of the archipelago refrigerators and washing machines accumulate. The toxicity of the components of the waste from electronic and electric equipment (WEEE), like lead and gas used in refrigerators blur the outline of the charm of the Canarian landscape and they contaminate both the earth and the air.

The danger calls our attention and accentuates the need to protect the environment, but the process requires unsustainable costs without a sufficient business model.

The Tenerife based company Ewaste located in the Arico municipality was set up with an ambitious aim to decontaminate and recycle these residues. Their industry is considered one of the most modern in Europe, managing 99.8% of decontamination.
Since the start it has treated more than ten thousand tonnes of waste, providing work for approximately thirty people who mostly come from communities at risk of social exclusion.
The success of the initiative motivated the founder David Bustabad, to develop the first line of treatment and conversion of greenhouse gases in Spain, which allows for the management, in an innovative way, of the refrigeration gases that are recuperated in the treatment plant and the decontamination of WEEE and offers the service to companies installing or maintaining refrigeration equipment as well as other plants treating WEEE from Spain, thus avoiding the annual emission of 480,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents which converts it into a real carbon sewer.

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