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willy_santosIn general, living things have adapted to the environment in which they live to ensure the survival of their species, however, and to talk specifically about adaptation, we understand that is the process by which an organism develops the ability to survive under certain conditions environmental. This is the case of Amphibio who joins us in the interview this month, who sack out of your lung capacity and that led him to become Champion and Champion Apnea Spearfishing several times, we refer to William Santos.

Arriving at Puerto Colon in the south of Tenerife, you begin to feel the smell of the sea, listening to the shearwaters and an inevitable sense of peace comes over you as dusk falls. The ship arrives, it’s time to lower passenger and I shipment.

We started a tour informally, chatting and getting to know each of the spaces where William spends his workday, and is in the cockpit especially the interview would take place.

Tell us about yourself:

I was born and raised in Guia de Isora, I am married and have 2 children that carry the genetic apnea. As a child he dreamed of becoming a veterinarian or study a career that had to do with the sea (marine biology). From 9 years old I had concerns about spearfishing but it was not until age 11 that one day my father invited me to fish and from there I knew my destiny was at sea.

From an early age I had many skills to develop an activity in the sea, was the case of apnea, discipline with which I started in competition with which I became champion Spain in 2003 and 2004 with the Canary selection. I made several competitions BIALET in static mode, constant weight, dynamic and jump blue and they all know my body allowed me to develop my lung capacity and learn a lot of security.

We talked about many things, but to be a professional takes a lot of concentration apnea

How do you do it?

I managed to stay up to 5 minutes means holding your breath, competitions you need to do a lot of concentration. This type of preparation requires training where 70% concentrate the mind the other 30% fitness. Practiced pranayama which is one of the central practices of yoga.

Do you remember your first dive in fishing?

Yes, of course (excited). My father took me fishing and had a fund of about 11 meters deep at that moment that for me was a world. My father told me: “There mullet down there” I had my rifle and without hesitation went down, picked it up and shoot a mullet and I was right. I’ll remember forever.

Normally this type of practice causes some athletes have recurring dreams Do you ever have them?

Yes, I dreamed that my house water filled and could be 10 minutes swimming around underwater, went to my room to room TV, I spent a lot when doing apnea, because coaching a long, day after day for many hours, and my brain was restless, I think that would be the reason, but that has changed. There are studies that say that when it happens, you usually have an unconscious apnea and can become dangerous.

Your biggest fear in the practice of this discipline?

It is not fear, if something happens is for your own mistake.

How would you define your success?

The successes are given by the passion you put him. All you have to prepare, cook and eat your own, ie no aid or financial support. If you do not feel passion is impossible to continue, have I thought about throwing in the towel? yes, but I look back and I see generations, is a sport with many economic costs and have little pool of young, that due to the crisis and the few means because they find it difficult to compete, it is unfortunate because we have the ideal conditions for the practice of spearfishing. And it is unfortunate that this sport is not supported because the canaries have been several times champions Spain.

Take this opportunity to tell you that spearfishing is the most successful sport in the history of Spain, ie, no other Spanish sport has achieved the merits has achieved pescasubmarina but this does not go anywhere, and the second is the Jockey. Spain has been many times world champion and Europe, there are several world champions and European, indeed, today Spain is the world power spearfishing. This sport practiced by many people but not seen, does not appear in the media.

Twenty years from now regret over things you did not do than you did. So throw moorings and leaving the Safe Harbor … Catch the wind in your sails … Explore … Dream … Discover

Mark Twain

For my part regret, no. I have done what I liked and have made great achievements I think I can not regret.

A city, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

A film, Shooter (Shooter)

A song, the music is not played.

A meal, Salads.

A fear death.

A book, I’m not reading.

A friend, my brother Walter.

A postcard (landscape you like), Niagara Falls.

A character or personal hero, Pedro Carbonell, a leader in underwater fishing.

A singer Diana Navarro.

An age of the world, Stone Age, fishing in the most primitive way, was the main activity of prehistoric man.

A place to grow old, Tenerife.

A place to die, Near sea.

A sporting event, A World of Fisheries.

A vice, 2, Chocolate and cheese.

An ever, Surrender.

A desire, Let there be Peace in the World

A weakness, my children.

An aroma, When empty the tide, I love the smell of seaweed “The Cistoseira”.

A sin you can confess, I am very good (laughs).

Pleasure, Being with my family.

Finally a phrase that resembles what you think of life “Although life will put many obstacles and costing you move forward, fight for your dreams.”

By: Patricia Salazar

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